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Program Playback

24/7, On-Demand Access to the Best of CLEO

Thank you for purchasing Program Playback, providing you with 24/7, on-demand access to over 330 pre-selected digitally recorded presentations from this year’s Technical Conference. Covering the full breadth of the CLEO technical conference, you have access to tutorials, invited and contributed talks, the ever-popular postdeadline papers and symposia presentations!

Recorded presentations are identified by the universal play symbol in the Program Book and will be available on demand to all technical registrants that purchased program playback within 72 hours of being recorded and for 60 days post-conference.

If you missed a recorded talk in real-time at the conference and/or want to view one of your favorite talks, don't miss the opportunity to push play and view with Program Playback.

Use your Conference Badge Number to view recorded talks. If you no longer have access to your conference registration badge, please e-mail cleo@compusystems.com for assistance.

Conference Badge #

Who can access the recorded talks?

Access is limited to Full Technical Registrants, who have purchased this extra product for US $45. Those that have purchased, can view recorded talks until 13 August 2014..

Free to Full Conference Registrants: Online Access to Technical Digest and Postdeadline Papers

Technical attendees now have both EARLY and PERPETUAL access to the CLEO: 2014 papers online through Optics InfoBase. To establish your perpetual access, visit www.cleoconference.org and select the "Download Digest Papers" button on the right.